What Options Do You Have When You Choose Wine Racks As Your Wine Storage Solution?

Most people have a hard time when it comes to where to place their wine racks. This is especially true for those who are only starting their wine collections and are thus looking for something small and functional and yet beautiful enough to show off to their friends and family. If you are having trouble with your wine racks, here are some of your most obvious options. However, these will only serve small and functional wine collections that could be on short term storage or long term storage.

The living room

If you have a small wine collection, chances are that you are really proud of it. What better way to show off than to have the racks in your living space. There is something about wine that goes with every home design. They bring in an element of class and in some cases culture as well. With the right rack design, you should be able to show off your wines in style right behind your prized sofas or like a small dark library in the farthest corner. Either way, remember to pick a dark spot for the wines.

Under the stairs

This is slowly gaining popularity too. Stacking wine racks under the stairs means you get to have your wines in a peaceful location in the house, without having to suffer the inconvenience of going to the basement each time you need a bottle. You may have to work on the cooling and the lighting issue here though. Also, if your staircase is not firm enough, the vibrations may pose a challenge for your wines.

The dining room


A small dining area is not exactly an excuse for not having your wine racks there. If you have a dining area, you can even install the racks and use them as a bench top. This however has to be a bench that is not used too frequently. The wines generally like stillness so they have to be kept in locations with the least possible disturbance.

The good old pantry

Pantries are not just a reserve for your clutter. They make a pretty good location for wine storage too. All you have to do is clean up and get rid of the clutter, or simply organize it and have it stored on one side. The racks can then be stacked up against the wall or in a closet design depending on your particular preferences. The pantry is especially good because you barely go there, and it is probably dark too. Your wines will surely love the space.

Wine racks are a very convenient storage solution for those with smaller wine collections. And even with limited space, you will be able to find some place to squeeze in your wine comfortably without compromising the look of your home. Simply remember the basic conditions for storing the wine and you will be good to go. These include darkness, cool temperatures, and stillness. The bottles also have to be stored on their sides, especially if they have corks.

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