Simple Tips To Guard Against The Damage Of Your Wine By Light

If you happen to be wine connoisseur or are simply interested in investing in it, you will often find that the technical details regarding the storage of the wine will influence your success. To this end, it’s always important that you try and do as much as you can to ensure that your wine will always be stored properly. One of the things you will definitely need to guard against is the effect of light on the wine. This phenomenon has been studied for as long as wine has been in existence. It should definitely factor in the decisions you make when choosing how to handle wine storage.

How light affects wine

The presence of too much light exposure for the wines will result in premature aging. Remember that for a wine to age properly, it has to do so at a certain rate. Anything faster or slower than this will end up spoiling it. In addition to increasing the rate of aging, exposing wine to UV light has also been shown to result in chemical changes that might make it bitter. This is due to the conversion of the wine into vinegar.

Reducing the amount of light entering the room

Wine Cellar

This means that when you are designing a cellar or any other wine storage facility, you need to do so in such a manner that this light will not affect the wine. This is why most cellars are located in basements or other similar structures. If you have to build a cellar above the ground, you should consider investigating about the possible ways in which light can get into the cellar. You can then put in place measures to reduce this. For instance, you could install windows that have a film that will prevent any UV rays from getting into the cellar.

Lighting choices

You may need to get some lighting in the cellar in order to make it easier to use, particularly if it’s large. To reduce the risk of damage to the wine, you should ensure that such lights are only switched on when they are needed. To make this easier, you should consider investing in motion activated lighting that will switch off when there is no one in the room. This way, you won’t have to remember to switch them on or off.

You should also get light sources that produce minimal UV radiation. Incandescent bulbs are usually the best for this, despite the fact that they may consume more energy and produce more heat than fluorescent ones. However, the fact that they will be switched on for very short duration of times will more than make up for this.

Bottle choices

When storing the wine, you should get bottles that have dark shades. This also guards against too much light getting to the wine. The color of the bottle acts as a shield that will absorb the UV light that somehow makes it into the cellar, thus acting as a barrier to preventing such damage.

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