Top 5 Wines To Keep For A Small Wine Collection

It is fun to have a collection of wine in the house. Whenever you feel like celebrating something, you can enjoy it – alone or with your loved ones. A wine collection can surely be a nice thing to have whenever you just feel like relaxing and savoring. If you have just planned to start a wine collection, here are some wines for you to have.



Produced in France, Bordeaux wines are available in abundance and are definitely worth their price. The price ranges from fifty to one hundred dollars per bottle. The vintages that are considered to be the best of this decade are the Bordeaux 2005, 2009, and 2010. Robert Parker, an influential wine critic, consider these vintages as the ‘three greatest Bordeaux vintages’ in his entire career.

Pinot Grigio

This is one of the most popular names for white wine and is a must-have for any small wine collection. The taste is crisp in aspects of both flavor and finish. Pinot Grigio come in three main types – dry and mineral, dry and fruity, and sweet and fruity. When shopping for Pinot Grigio, look for the ones that are produced in stainless steel tanks; this is indicated in the label.

Pinot Noir


Those who love red wine would like Pinot Noir their wine collection. You would like this too if you like wine with soft texture complemented by a red-berry aroma. It is also known for its chocolaty depths. The only problem you might find with it though is its high price. Some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world come from Chile, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand. Pinot Noir is also a great drink when it comes to cocktail parties and small gatherings.

Moscato d’Asti

Moscato d’Asti is a well-loved white wine variety from northern Italy. It is known for its sweetness and its low level of alcohol; because of these characteristics, it is a wine that is best served for dessert. This wine is also known for its earthy musk aroma. Slightly fizzy and very light, it can also be a great drink during cool afternoons. It is a must-have in your collection especially during the summer.

Beaujolais Nouveau

This list wouldn’t probably be complete without the Beaujolais Nouveau. It is considered to be one of the best varieties of red wine. Made in France, it is meant to be drunk young. That is why it is a perfect addition to your small wine collection. Beaujolais Nouveau often finds itself in Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. Light, earthy, and a bit fruity, you will definitely love it.

These are just some of the top names to start with for your small wine collection. Of course, any wine collection would need a good wine rack. A sturdy and well-designed one can surely help you be prouder of your small wine collection. If you are interested in tasting more wines so that you can know more about which to add to your collection, consider going on a wine tour!

Exploring The Costs Of Various Wine Storage Options

Wine cabinets and wine storage options are very varied and this is a convenient thing for all wine collectors. Today’s wine storage solutions are specially designed to accommodate Bordeaux-style bottles as well as magnum-bottles. They can even be fitted in relatively small spaces, allowing wine collectors to easily stack 20 or 30 wine bottles in their kitchen, basement, living room or dining room. If you are thinking of investing in wine storage options, let’s explore their prices, so that you know what kind of budget to prepare.

Wine refrigerators represent an economical option

If your wine collection doesn’t exceed 250 bottles then you can go for a specially designed wine refrigerator. Such a device can easily accommodate from 10 to 250 bottles and keep them in appropriate conditions. The prices of such a wine storage option range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and features of your preferred wine refrigerator. However, this is a one-time investment and in the long run, all that you have to pay is the price of electricity consumed by the refrigerator.

Wine caves or wine cellars are suitable for larger wine collections

Wine Storage

On the other hand, if you are an avid wine collector and you currently own several hundred bottles of wine or even more then you might want to build your own wine cellar. This is a more costly project, but it adds value to your house. The price of a wine cave or wine cellar depends on the size of your wine collection and many other factors, but usually wine collectors pay from several thousand dollars up to $50,000. Again, this is a onetime cost and with the passing of years you might incur small expenses for replacing humidifiers and similar components.

Off-site wine storage is also a brilliant idea

Some wine collectors don’t really fancy preserving their wine collection in their properties and they might not make the big step of building their own wine cellar. In this case, off-site wine storage services are suitable for them. These services are reasonably priced and the more bottles you store, the lower the running costs. Additionally, you have the peace of mind that your wine bottles are stored in proper conditions 24/7 and your expensive wines are protected all the times.

Small wine racks for novice collectors are inexpensive

If you are not a big wine collector, but you do like to drink wine from time to time then you might want to invest in different types of wine storage solutions which come at small prices. For example, a simple, small wine rack or wine cabinet can be added to your kitchen in several hours and it might cost you around $100. This product can easily accommodate 10 or 20 wine bottles at once. Wall racks also represent an inexpensive and efficient wine storage solution for novice wine collectors.

If you want to know more about wine storage options, make sure that you check out reputable wine storage solution businesses on the Internet today. Not all wine storage solutions are expensive and you can certainly find one that fits within your budget!

Cooling and Lighting System for Wine Cellars

cellar1The cooling units of wine cellars are conditioners, which are specially designed to condition the air, usually they maintain it between 55 to 57 degrees.
They are available in different sizes and shapes; they are classified into three main categories.

Through the Wall Design

This is one of the most popular designs, which are reliable and less expensive also. In this kind of wine cellars a self conditioned air conditioning system is installed through the wall to control the temperature. These cooling units are used for smaller cellars because they can provide limited cooling.

Ducted System

This is a versatile style and only a few manufacturers are marketing this self-contained ducted unit. This provides maximum flexibility in installation as well as design. This is available with the cooling capacity, which can be used in different sizes. A grill which is connected with the insulated duct work is on the inside wall, it has an evaporator, fan and condenser provide the adequate amount of cooling. You can place this unit in any indoor or location of your choice. This system is appropriate for larger cellars for commercial purposes.

Split System

This system needs proper installation services and you must take the services of licensed refrigeration and electrical technicians for the installation of the same. You can also contact wine cellar construction services to install the entire wine collecting system for you in a professional manner.

Four things are required to control the quality of your favorite wine, humidity, vibration, temperature, and lightning. If you want to maintain the sweet and delicious taste of your wine, then apply the right management techniques to store the wine

The Importance of Lighting

The lighting of wine cellar must be done with utmost perfection because inadequate lighting will put an adverse effect on the room temperature as well as on the quality of your wine. Improper lighting will also affect the ageing process. In case you already have a wine cellar, then select the bottles you need to store. Read their labels properly and do as required. In case of a wine cellar proper lighting will increase the beauty of your wine cellar and showcase your wine to your prospective customers in an impressive manner. The proper lighting system will give a visual appeal and increase the marketability of your product. The lighting of wine cellars is not as important as the cooling system. It can be stored in dark places also.

No need to mention that wines are sensitive to sunlight and most of the wine storage systems are available with the UV ray protective coating. This will protect your wine from premature ageing.

LED (light emission diode) is generally used for wine collecting because it is eco-friendly and saves energy. It is durable and emits low heat. You can use a light timer for regulating the light of wine cellars, it is a wonderful accessory to control the light and it even reminds you if you accidentally leave the lights on.

In order to get a proper wine cellar with the right kind of cooling system you can contact experienced wine cellar construction services to do the job.

Wine Cellar Construction Services – An Effective Way to Protect Home

cellarTastes as well as choice of interior decoration may vary from one to other home owner. That is the reason; it is dependably a decent decision to designate a talented inside creator, who can take care of business in the most ideal way. Notwithstanding, regarding wine caller planning, you just can’t unwind by selecting an expert of the field. You have to be with him and guarantee that each and every piece has been organized according to your inclination. On the off chance that you are enamored with wine and need everything to be simply flawless, you can take care of business all alone. Planning the zone according to your wish or yearning is not exceptionally troublesome.

Wine Cellar Preparation

In wine cellar construction, the room planning is the first and most vital step. In the event that room arrangement is done ineffectively, it will get to be difficult to keep up your celler condition in ideal reach for your wine to age legitimately. To safeguard the temperatures stays somewhere around 50 and 57 degrees and mugginess level between 50-75%, you have to introduce 6mm plastic as a vapor boundary on the warm side of your celler dividers. After the 6mm plastic, protection is connected, utilizing least R-13 protection for the dividers and R-30 for the roof. Third step is green board, which is impervious to dampness and sodden, and can be painted.

Use the Right Type of Wood

Stay far from scented woods like cedar. Rather, verify you buy a quality hardwood. You can pick between various sorts. Redwood would be the wood of decision, yet you can choose to utilize some other kind of better quality unfinished wood like maple or oak. Legitimate size of wood will make wine cellar construction and jug dispersing on your racks much simpler.

Space Planning:

Space Planning is a necessary segment of inside configuration benefits as it includes the utilization of the fancied space productively. After the finishing of the programming stage, outlines of space distributions and adjacencies are arranged. While making arrangements for the viable space usage of an office space, various components need to be viewed as, including the authoritative chain of command, work process, customers objectives and targets, building administrative codes, furniture prerequisites, solace, adaptability and future needs. Contingent upon whether the customer’s office advances cooperation or individual work, the workplace space is arranged appropriately.


Light is a standout amongst the most vital components to be considered while outlining office insides. The originator ought to comprehend the logical and additionally tasteful part of light. Quality and additionally amount of light matters as well, for making an agreeable and solid office working environment. Light assumes a vital part in setting the environment of the room and henceforth an inside planner ought to consider lighting that improves the insides and supports proficiency as well as meet the construction regulations and makes a wonderful air.


Shading is an imperative component in any business inside configuration. While picking a shading plan, the creator ought to see to it that the shading of the workplace mirrors the organization’s image, esteem and society. Since shading has the ability to inspire an assortment of feelings and mental states, the inside architect ought to consider a decent shading plan in the workplace that enhances state of mind, fixation and makes an energetic working air.

Additionally stay with the course of development and restoring – Don’t give you a chance to get derailed. Through development and renovating administrations you can ready to give new look to your inn or eatery and can acquire all the more by getting consideration of the profitable clients.

Wine Cellar Construction – Tips Of Consideration

wine1The wine enthusiasts often have a great collection of wines from all over the world. They have the passion for collecting wines from all over the world. But only collecting them is not efficient as they also demand safe storage. Though there are people who have wine coolers and refrigerators for storing wines, they are not sufficient if the collection is huge. The best thing that you can do to secure your exotic wine collection is to get a wine cellar constructed. There are a number of wine cellar construction companies that can design an outstanding cellar for you.
Here are some tips that will help you in getting the best wine cellar constructed for storing your wine.

• Ceiling and wall framing – the cellar walls should be built following the state laws in your area. However, they can be 2×4-2×6. The cellar walls should be thick as they offer better insulation maintaining consistent temperature inside the cellar.

• Vapor barrier – if there is climate control cooling system installed in the cellar, a vapor barrier will be needed to maintain the right temperature in the cellar. This barrier is generally applied either in the ceiling or outside walls. Plastic sheeting of 6 mill is applied on the sides of cellar walls that acts as a barrier.

• Insulation – if you are going to use the climate control unit for cooling purposes, insulation is the important thing to be taken into consideration. Depending on the wall thickness, the thickness of the insulation is determined. All the walls as well as ceiling should be insulated in order to maintain a consistent temperature in the cellar in all the seasons.

wine2• Cellar doors – cellar doors also need to be selected after proper research. Exterior grade doors are preferred to be installed in the cellars if you have cooling system installed in the cellar. You should also pay attention to the attachment of the weather stripping on all the sides of the door. In addition to this, you also need to pay attention on the seal of the door. It should be good and prevent the air from getting out. If the doors are not sealed properly, the cooling might escape out and hinder the cooling process in the cellar. If you are getting glass doors make sure that they are double pane tempered.

• Flooring – you can select your desired flooring type for your cellar. It can be of marble, tile, vinyl or slate. You should avoid using the carpets as they might get mildew and mold and create an unhygienic environment in the cellar.

• Lighting – it is the lighting that can make a difference when it comes to wine cellar. You can use bright lights, LED lights and light controlling systems to create an outstanding ambience inside the cellar. Racks can also be lighted in a beautiful manner. it not only makes it easier for the owner to pick the right wine bottle but also adds to the beauty of the room. Spotlights can be used to highlight table areas, picture openings, display of bottles etc.