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Problems That May Make Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Less Effective

The taste of wine is dependent on the storage period. The longer the wine is stored in the right condition, the sweeter it is going to taste when served. One of the storage conditions that helps give wine a great taste is temperature. Wine coolers go a long way to ensure your wine is stored in the right temperature condition allowing it to last long enough for a sweeter taste. Just like any other electrical device, wine cellar cooling units develop problems from time to time, which make them less effective. Here is a look at these problems and how you can deal with them.

Temperature problems

Ideally, wine should be kept between the temperatures of40 and 60 degrees F. If you are not actually sure of cooling unit temperature, you can get a thermostat to help you read the temperature easily. If the temperature is warmer or cooler (beyond the optimum level), you should check the temperature controls to see if they have been properly set. Sometimes temperature variations beyond the actual level result from setting issues. To stabilize the cooler, simply adjust the controls.


Wine Cellar

Humidity is another crucial factor when it comes to wine storage. Essentially, the ideal humidity level is between 50% and 80%. If the humidity is too low, the cork is going to dry up easily. When the cork dries, air will easily find its way into the wine bottle and cause damage to your precious wine. It is important to always monitor the corks. If you notice that they are dry, you should add a small bowl or pan of water to the cooler. The water will evaporate and increase humidity in the wine cooler.

Technical problems

When you check your wine cooler and realize that it is not working at all, check to see if it is plugged in to a power outlet. Disconnection of the wine cooler from a power outlet will stop it from working. If the problem still exists even after checking the wine plug and ascertaining power connection, you should check the fuse-box to ensure that the breaker (connected to the outlet) is giving out adequate power. For door closing issues, you may have to check along the edges of the door frame to ensure that it is on a level surface. You may also clean the door gasket to deal with the issue. If the problem is too complex, do not hesitate to call a professional technician for assistance.

Lighting problems

Wine needs to be stored in a dark place to enhance storage condition. This is because ultraviolet light affects the quality of wine by altering the compounds or elements that constitute the flavor and aroma of wine. In that case, you should not use fluorescent lights in the wine cooler as they emit large amount of ultraviolet rays.

More often than not, issues with regard to wine coolers revolve around temperature, humidity, lighting, functionality and storage. You can address each of these problems with the solutions mentioned earlier. If a problem seems too complex, seek help from an expert.

Simple Tips To Guard Against The Damage Of Your Wine By Light

If you happen to be wine connoisseur or are simply interested in investing in it, you will often find that the technical details regarding the storage of the wine will influence your success. To this end, it’s always important that you try and do as much as you can to ensure that your wine will always be stored properly. One of the things you will definitely need to guard against is the effect of light on the wine. This phenomenon has been studied for as long as wine has been in existence. It should definitely factor in the decisions you make when choosing how to handle wine storage.

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Cooling and Lighting System for Wine Cellars

cellar1The cooling units of wine cellars are conditioners, which are specially designed to condition the air, usually they maintain it between 55 to 57 degrees.
They are available in different sizes and shapes; they are classified into three main categories.

Through the Wall Design

This is one of the most popular designs, which are reliable and less expensive also. In this kind of wine cellars a self conditioned air conditioning system is installed through the wall to control the temperature. These cooling units are used for smaller cellars because they can provide limited cooling.

Ducted System

This is a versatile style and only a few manufacturers are marketing this self-contained ducted unit. This provides maximum flexibility in installation as well as design. This is available with the cooling capacity, which can be used in different sizes. A grill which is connected with the insulated duct work is on the inside wall, it has an evaporator, fan and condenser provide the adequate amount of cooling. You can place this unit in any indoor or location of your choice. This system is appropriate for larger cellars for commercial purposes.

Split System

This system needs proper installation services and you must take the services of licensed refrigeration and electrical technicians for the installation of the same. You can also contact wine cellar construction services to install the entire wine collecting system for you in a professional manner.

Four things are required to control the quality of your favorite wine, humidity, vibration, temperature, and lightning. If you want to maintain the sweet and delicious taste of your wine, then apply the right management techniques to store the wine

The Importance of Lighting

The lighting of wine cellar must be done with utmost perfection because inadequate lighting will put an adverse effect on the room temperature as well as on the quality of your wine. Improper lighting will also affect the ageing process. In case you already have a wine cellar, then select the bottles you need to store. Read their labels properly and do as required. In case of a wine cellar proper lighting will increase the beauty of your wine cellar and showcase your wine to your prospective customers in an impressive manner. The proper lighting system will give a visual appeal and increase the marketability of your product. The lighting of wine cellars is not as important as the cooling system. It can be stored in dark places also.

No need to mention that wines are sensitive to sunlight and most of the wine storage systems are available with the UV ray protective coating. This will protect your wine from premature ageing.

LED (light emission diode) is generally used for wine collecting because it is eco-friendly and saves energy. It is durable and emits low heat. You can use a light timer for regulating the light of wine cellars, it is a wonderful accessory to control the light and it even reminds you if you accidentally leave the lights on.

In order to get a proper wine cellar with the right kind of cooling system you can contact experienced wine cellar construction services to do the job.

Wine Cellar Construction Services – An Effective Way to Protect Home

cellarTastes as well as choice of interior decoration may vary from one to other home owner. That is the reason; it is dependably a decent decision to designate a talented inside creator, who can take care of business in the most ideal way. Notwithstanding, regarding wine caller planning, you just can’t unwind by selecting an expert of the field. You have to be with him and guarantee that each and every piece has been organized according to your inclination. On the off chance that you are enamored with wine and need everything to be simply flawless, you can take care of business all alone. Planning the zone according to your wish or yearning is not exceptionally troublesome.

Wine Cellar Preparation

In wine cellar construction, the room planning is the first and most vital step. In the event that room arrangement is done ineffectively, it will get to be difficult to keep up your celler condition in ideal reach for your wine to age legitimately. To safeguard the temperatures stays somewhere around 50 and 57 degrees and mugginess level between 50-75%, you have to introduce 6mm plastic as a vapor boundary on the warm side of your celler dividers. After the 6mm plastic, protection is connected, utilizing least R-13 protection for the dividers and R-30 for the roof. Third step is green board, which is impervious to dampness and sodden, and can be painted.

Use the Right Type of Wood

Stay far from scented woods like cedar. Rather, verify you buy a quality hardwood. You can pick between various sorts. Redwood would be the wood of decision, yet you can choose to utilize some other kind of better quality unfinished wood like maple or oak. Legitimate size of wood will make wine cellar construction and jug dispersing on your racks much simpler.

Space Planning:

Space Planning is a necessary segment of inside configuration benefits as it includes the utilization of the fancied space productively. After the finishing of the programming stage, outlines of space distributions and adjacencies are arranged. While making arrangements for the viable space usage of an office space, various components need to be viewed as, including the authoritative chain of command, work process, customers objectives and targets, building administrative codes, furniture prerequisites, solace, adaptability and future needs. Contingent upon whether the customer’s office advances cooperation or individual work, the workplace space is arranged appropriately.


Light is a standout amongst the most vital components to be considered while outlining office insides. The originator ought to comprehend the logical and additionally tasteful part of light. Quality and additionally amount of light matters as well, for making an agreeable and solid office working environment. Light assumes a vital part in setting the environment of the room and henceforth an inside planner ought to consider lighting that improves the insides and supports proficiency as well as meet the construction regulations and makes a wonderful air.


Shading is an imperative component in any business inside configuration. While picking a shading plan, the creator ought to see to it that the shading of the workplace mirrors the organization’s image, esteem and society. Since shading has the ability to inspire an assortment of feelings and mental states, the inside architect ought to consider a decent shading plan in the workplace that enhances state of mind, fixation and makes an energetic working air.

Additionally stay with the course of development and restoring – Don’t give you a chance to get derailed. Through development and renovating administrations you can ready to give new look to your inn or eatery and can acquire all the more by getting consideration of the profitable clients.