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Problems That May Make Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Less Effective

The taste of wine is dependent on the storage period. The longer the wine is stored in the right condition, the sweeter it is going to taste when served. One of the storage conditions that helps give wine a great taste is temperature. Wine coolers go a long way to ensure your wine is stored in the right temperature condition allowing it to last long enough for a sweeter taste. Just like any other electrical device, wine cellar cooling units develop problems from time to time, which make them less effective. Here is a look at these problems and how you can deal with them.

Temperature problems

Ideally, wine should be kept between the temperatures of40 and 60 degrees F. If you are not actually sure of cooling unit temperature, you can get a thermostat to help you read the temperature easily. If the temperature is warmer or cooler (beyond the optimum level), you should check the temperature controls to see if they have been properly set. Sometimes temperature variations beyond the actual level result from setting issues. To stabilize the cooler, simply adjust the controls.


Wine Cellar

Humidity is another crucial factor when it comes to wine storage. Essentially, the ideal humidity level is between 50% and 80%. If the humidity is too low, the cork is going to dry up easily. When the cork dries, air will easily find its way into the wine bottle and cause damage to your precious wine. It is important to always monitor the corks. If you notice that they are dry, you should add a small bowl or pan of water to the cooler. The water will evaporate and increase humidity in the wine cooler.

Technical problems

When you check your wine cooler and realize that it is not working at all, check to see if it is plugged in to a power outlet. Disconnection of the wine cooler from a power outlet will stop it from working. If the problem still exists even after checking the wine plug and ascertaining power connection, you should check the fuse-box to ensure that the breaker (connected to the outlet) is giving out adequate power. For door closing issues, you may have to check along the edges of the door frame to ensure that it is on a level surface. You may also clean the door gasket to deal with the issue. If the problem is too complex, do not hesitate to call a professional technician for assistance.

Lighting problems

Wine needs to be stored in a dark place to enhance storage condition. This is because ultraviolet light affects the quality of wine by altering the compounds or elements that constitute the flavor and aroma of wine. In that case, you should not use fluorescent lights in the wine cooler as they emit large amount of ultraviolet rays.

More often than not, issues with regard to wine coolers revolve around temperature, humidity, lighting, functionality and storage. You can address each of these problems with the solutions mentioned earlier. If a problem seems too complex, seek help from an expert.