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Understanding The Role Of Temperature In Wine Storage And Wine Serving

You must have heard people saying, ‘serve red wines at room temperature and white wines chilled.’ But do you know what is the ideal room temperature for wines and how cold is considered as chilled?

Temperature plays a very important role when it comes to serving wines and storing them. Extreme high temperature can mature the wines quickly and give it a cooked flavor whereas a too cold temperature can prevent your wine from maturing properly and this way it will not develop the flavor you would be expecting.

When you store your wines in wine cabinets, make sure that the temperature remains somewhere between fifty five and sixty degrees Fahrenheit. A slight difference will not make much difference but you must make an effort to ensure a consistent temperature.

There are many people who prefer to have wine fridge for storing their wines because they are ideal for maintaining the ideal temperature of wines that are for immediate consumption. These fridges come in a number of configurations and sizes making it possible for the consumer to arrange small and large bottles easily. Some wine storage units are specially designed for long term storage and do consider factors like vibration, humidity and light as they are integral variables in storing and aging of wine.

Handful tips when serving wines

serving wines

Even if you have chosen the right storage unit for your wines, you need to pay attention to temperature when opening the bottles as it can affect the taste.

• White wines are best when served chilled but you must never overdo it by serving it too cold. There are times when white wines are served at such a frigid temperature that you simply lose the aroma as it is stunned. Except for sparkling wines, you must check whether the serving glass appears frosty or not. If it is, then the wine is too cold.

• It may look quite feasible to pop your wine bottles into the freezer for a quick cool down, but you really need to be careful. You may end up getting ‘wine-cicle’ and once your wine is frozen, you will never regain its original taste and flavor.

• Wine chillers are always a good option. You may fill them with water, ice and a pinch of salt to cool your wine to the ideal temperature. Later, you transfer it to the cooler and enjoy the drink.

Temperature guidelines for serving wines

• The ideal temperature for sparkling wines is forty to forty five degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature prevents the wine from foaming up and makes it easier to control the cork.

• Sweeter wines are served at forty three to forty five degrees Fahrenheit whereas lighter wines are served a bit warmer and the temperature should be kept at forty five to fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

• Do you find your wine to be extremely chilled? Just immerse your wine bottle in warm water for several minutes before you serve.

• In case you do not have wine cellars for storing your wine, you can just put your red wines in refrigerator for about fifteen to twenty minutes before serving them and take out your white wines for the same period of time before you serve.