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What Kind Of Equipment Do Wine Lovers Usually Get?

A true hunter never goes into the jungle without his bow and arrow. The two equipment are a must have for him. It is the same with wine lovers and a few wine storage and serving equipment. There are wine equipment that a wine enthusiast can never do without. Forget about wine cabinets and such like equipment. They are of course, important. But there are other wine accessories that stand out as important and a must have for any wine lover.

The list for such equipment is long – from caddies and cork candles to mini wine tasting sets and assorted wine glasses. Fortunately, you only need basic wine accessories to enjoy wine. With that in mind, consider purchasing the following wine infused goodies. Better yet, consider surprising your wine enthusiast friend with the same accessories as gifts.

Wine coolers

Invest in a good wine chiller and an ice bucket if you love your wine chilled. One good thing with wine coolers is the fact that you can buy one and forget about ever buying another for a long time. Go for ones made of stainless steel as they last and hardly rust. There is also the fact that you can get quirky, appealing, exquisite and unusual pieces of wine coolers at reasonable prices. If your pocket allows it, go for a customized wine cooler.

Wine decanters


Don’t just serve your guests with wine straight from the bottle. Add some sophistication and style by going for a unique wine decanter. The most appealing ones in the market are quiet pricy. Not to worry though because you will eventually see its worth. Apart from storing wine without making it go stale, a good decanter can complement your wine rack and improve its aesthetic appeal. Be sure to consider antique wine decanters. They are charming and can easily set you apart from other wine enthusiasts as a special and passionate wine lover.

Wine cradles

This can make a perfect birthday gift. Most wine lovers hardly think about it. Surprising one with a wine cradle is therefore one of the smartest gift ideas one can think of. Wine cradles are simply a wire or wicker basket designed to hold the wine bottle in style. It can be a good answer when one is in search of a gift that is value priced yet handy.

Wine stoppers and openers

The catch here is to think outside the box and find something unique. This should not trouble you as most antique shops have appealing wine stoppers and openers. Be keen on some wine openers though. Consider the price tag, then make sure that the opener is sturdy and made of stainless steel.

Wine racks

You may have to spend a significant sum of money here but this is an item you will buy just once and can enjoy its service for long. That is why wine racks are among the most purchased accessories by wine lovers since it they help with storage perfectly. It gets better with the fact that you can buy wine racks with a quirky wine quote or a romantic message for your loved one!