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Popular Wine Rack Designs For Your Wine Collection

If you feel that your wine collection has substantially increased over the period of time, then you are surely in need of a better storage system. Being a passionate wine collector, it must be your dream to be the owner of a state-of-the-art wine cellar. This will enable you to showcase your entire wine collection in a style. You will be able to find the right bottle to match with the menu when you invite over.

An ideal wine cellar is the one that has the right type of racks to hold your valuable possession with style. Since wine racks are an integral part of wine cellars, the style of racks creates a huge impact. There are different types of racks designed these days that are broadly categorized into five main groups. Here is a brief insight into these styles that will help you in choosing the perfect one for your cellar.

Traditional redwood racks


Redwood is considered to be one of the most beautiful unfinished choices for many people. Although it is not ideal for all types of environment but fortunately, cool and dry conditions of a typical wine cellar is perfect for redwood in maintaining its look and appearance for many years to come. Most of the traditional redwood racks are available in kits. Therefore you can easily mix and match a few rack heights and come up with something extra ordinary.

Rustic pine racking

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant wine racks? If yes, then rustic pine racks are meant for you. There are some wine wood racks that are coated with lacquers and finishes these days. It is important to remember that they can have a direct impact on the taste of your wine. This is not the case with rustic pine racks because they are made of high quality wood that is free from any potential damaging finishes.

Designer wine racking

These racks are meant for those who are looking for a customized look with some interesting shapes and sizes. These racks look custom and are available in plethora of sizes and styles that no one will ever get to know that they were not built just for your space.

Vintage racks

These racks are the best option for the wine collectors who love versatility. The vintage wine racks are easily available in different styles and designs. The best part about their design is that they keep the labels of wine bottle out, making it easy for the owner to find the right type of wine quickly. The latest series of these racks comprise of chrome plated metal rods and acrylic panels to give an unconventional look to your wine collection.

Winemaker series

If you are looking for a floor-to-ceiling rack for wine bottles then the winemaker racks are perfect for you. These racks are usually available in three and four foot height and can be easily stacked on top of each other. This is how you can have a perfect seamless wall of rack irrespective of the height of your ceiling.