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Top 5 Wines To Keep For A Small Wine Collection

It is fun to have a collection of wine in the house. Whenever you feel like celebrating something, you can enjoy it – alone or with your loved ones. A wine collection can surely be a nice thing to have whenever you just feel like relaxing and savoring. If you have just planned to start a wine collection, here are some wines for you to have.



Produced in France, Bordeaux wines are available in abundance and are definitely worth their price. The price ranges from fifty to one hundred dollars per bottle. The vintages that are considered to be the best of this decade are the Bordeaux 2005, 2009, and 2010. Robert Parker, an influential wine critic, consider these vintages as the ‘three greatest Bordeaux vintages’ in his entire career.

Pinot Grigio

This is one of the most popular names for white wine and is a must-have for any small wine collection. The taste is crisp in aspects of both flavor and finish. Pinot Grigio come in three main types – dry and mineral, dry and fruity, and sweet and fruity. When shopping for Pinot Grigio, look for the ones that are produced in stainless steel tanks; this is indicated in the label.

Pinot Noir


Those who love red wine would like Pinot Noir their wine collection. You would like this too if you like wine with soft texture complemented by a red-berry aroma. It is also known for its chocolaty depths. The only problem you might find with it though is its high price. Some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world come from Chile, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand. Pinot Noir is also a great drink when it comes to cocktail parties and small gatherings.

Moscato d’Asti

Moscato d’Asti is a well-loved white wine variety from northern Italy. It is known for its sweetness and its low level of alcohol; because of these characteristics, it is a wine that is best served for dessert. This wine is also known for its earthy musk aroma. Slightly fizzy and very light, it can also be a great drink during cool afternoons. It is a must-have in your collection especially during the summer.

Beaujolais Nouveau

This list wouldn’t probably be complete without the Beaujolais Nouveau. It is considered to be one of the best varieties of red wine. Made in France, it is meant to be drunk young. That is why it is a perfect addition to your small wine collection. Beaujolais Nouveau often finds itself in Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. Light, earthy, and a bit fruity, you will definitely love it.

These are just some of the top names to start with for your small wine collection. Of course, any wine collection would need a good wine rack. A sturdy and well-designed one can surely help you be prouder of your small wine collection. If you are interested in tasting more wines so that you can know more about which to add to your collection, consider going on a wine tour!