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Wine Cellar Construction – Tips Of Consideration

wine1The wine enthusiasts often have a great collection of wines from all over the world. They have the passion for collecting wines from all over the world. But only collecting them is not efficient as they also demand safe storage. Though there are people who have wine coolers and refrigerators for storing wines, they are not sufficient if the collection is huge. The best thing that you can do to secure your exotic wine collection is to get a wine cellar constructed. There are a number of wine cellar construction companies that can design an outstanding cellar for you.
Here are some tips that will help you in getting the best wine cellar constructed for storing your wine.

• Ceiling and wall framing – the cellar walls should be built following the state laws in your area. However, they can be 2×4-2×6. The cellar walls should be thick as they offer better insulation maintaining consistent temperature inside the cellar.

• Vapor barrier – if there is climate control cooling system installed in the cellar, a vapor barrier will be needed to maintain the right temperature in the cellar. This barrier is generally applied either in the ceiling or outside walls. Plastic sheeting of 6 mill is applied on the sides of cellar walls that acts as a barrier.

• Insulation – if you are going to use the climate control unit for cooling purposes, insulation is the important thing to be taken into consideration. Depending on the wall thickness, the thickness of the insulation is determined. All the walls as well as ceiling should be insulated in order to maintain a consistent temperature in the cellar in all the seasons.

wine2• Cellar doors – cellar doors also need to be selected after proper research. Exterior grade doors are preferred to be installed in the cellars if you have cooling system installed in the cellar. You should also pay attention to the attachment of the weather stripping on all the sides of the door. In addition to this, you also need to pay attention on the seal of the door. It should be good and prevent the air from getting out. If the doors are not sealed properly, the cooling might escape out and hinder the cooling process in the cellar. If you are getting glass doors make sure that they are double pane tempered.

• Flooring – you can select your desired flooring type for your cellar. It can be of marble, tile, vinyl or slate. You should avoid using the carpets as they might get mildew and mold and create an unhygienic environment in the cellar.

• Lighting – it is the lighting that can make a difference when it comes to wine cellar. You can use bright lights, LED lights and light controlling systems to create an outstanding ambience inside the cellar. Racks can also be lighted in a beautiful manner. it not only makes it easier for the owner to pick the right wine bottle but also adds to the beauty of the room. Spotlights can be used to highlight table areas, picture openings, display of bottles etc.